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China Trip The 2.nd

Our adventure started at the airport in Frankfurt. After we were checking-in, the plane started at 1.55pm. We have had the luck to fly with the newest plane of Air China – the Dreamliner. That also ist he newest plane of Boeing, the 787. Highlight for me were the windows, wich got darker trough touch.

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Thailand - Koh Samui - TimeLapse Video

My next attempt at the timelapse photography.

I have visited different places on Koh Samui. In the end credits they are listed.

I have used my GoPro Hero3 with small foot stand. "Above the Clouds" I used my Lumix DMC TZ-31. I tried to hold still and made approximately every 5 seconds an image.

Have Fun!

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Koh Samui - Wat Plai Laem

I have already seen a lot of smiling Buddhas. But this really is one of the most interesting. The temple complex was built in 2004 and is constantly being expanded. The Laughing Buddha and the eighteen-armed Guanyin are very impressive and very imposing when they shine golden in the setting sun.

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Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur - TimeLapse Video

My first TimeLapse Video is done.

TimeLapse photography is a very interesting but also time-consuming to create on this way videos. But you can see things you otherwise see it.

I have used my GoPro Hero3 exclusively with small foot stand (had no tripod) - I was very surprised

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Taroko National Park

In Taiwan it's easy to travel by train. There is a line going around the Isle in order to hopp on and hopp off whereever you want. My destination was Xinchang. That was one the station before the bigger city Hualin on the east side of the island.

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Byron Bay

Today I let the day go slow. Leisurely breakfast in the forest has something.

My goal for today was Byron Bay, the surfer stronghold for all young people and for those who still feel young. On the way there I passed through the town of Casino and Lismore. I chose this route because there were hot showers in the Travel Center in Lismore.

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Great Ocean Road

I have been three days on the Great Ocean Road and have to say: They were three wonderful days with experiences that I will never forget.

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Whangarei: Beaches with added value

Whangarei is one of the larger towns in the north. Here there are beautiful bays and beaches but also impossante two waterfalls, a mere two minutes away from my accomodation.

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The BIG ONE - that's my goal for the day today. To marvel at the largest Kauri in the world.

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Meetinpoint in the Northland

Today the weather was beautiful and so I decided on the "Meeting Point", to drive the northernmost point of New Zealand.

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